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How to Get The Most From This Site

What Benefit Will This Site Provide?

Think of this website as a toolbox for your wardrobe. You will refine your basic skills like hand stitching and button sewing. From there, pick the tools you need for the job you're working on.

  • Learn to hem jeans
  • Mend holes and tears on any garment
  • Do your own prom or wedding sewing
  • Change the look of suits for men or women
  • Shorten or lengthen dresses, slacks, skirts and jackets

You can buy clothes off the rack and fix them to fit your body. I've been buying the wrong size clothes for years! I buy clothes with missing buttons or broken zippers. Getting great deals off the clearance racks is easy because I know I can make those clothes fit me.

This website will help you.

Every garment is different. I've altered thousands of pieces of clothing. Very few of them were alike. Each has its own unique qualities. I'll teach you step by step how to alter anything in your closet.

The tutorials are free. You will find clear images and very specific text, carefully explaining each step.

Because saving money on clothes is so important these days, you really need to be able to make your clothing budget last.

With the economy the way it is today, and the rising popularity of recycling and refashioning clothing, you're sure to find something here to upscale your wardrobe.

Maybe you'll have so much success at this you'll want to start your own business. I have tips for that, too!