Stitchin Magician Welcomes You

A Little About My Story ...

I've enjoyed sewing ever since that first lesson at Singer when I was in the sixth grade. Since my mom did not sew, and my extended family was out of town, I had to learn problem solving for each garment I made. I had only the pattern guide sheet to help me. Needless to say, I did a lot of ripping and resewing in those days, which I guess set me up for what I do today.

After getting married, I taught school until our first child was born. Six children later, I was still in the classroom, only now on a volunteer basis.

Along the way, I had been sewing for my husband and children. This gave me the confidence to sew for someone other than myself and in 1984 ...

Stitchin Magician Was Born ...

I started Stitchin Magician, a custom clothing service as a part time business and I did it from my home. It has been a great way to bring in extra income without much capital investment.

Once in a while, a client would bring me clothing to alter, and this intimidated me. No, it petrified me! Without any books to consult, I was again, ripping and resewing, trying to figure things out on my own, only this time without the guidesheet. Trial and error was tedious and I knew there had to be another way.

I took lessons from an Old World tailor and brought my alteration jobs in for his approval. I owe a great deal to JR, because he taught me a lot about the construction of clothing, as well as a sense of excellence in my work.

If my business card or a referral brought you to this page, I'd love to do alterations for you. I have a private fitting room and initial consultations are free of charge.

Please call me at 513-265-0238 for an appointment.

I really wanted to share the skills I've learned, so in 2008... Was Born ...

Fast forward to today and you see a seamstress who has been doing alterations for over 30 years. I still own Stitchin Magician and now do work for two Dry Cleaners, as well as my own clients.

In an effort to combine my two loves, teaching and sewing, I have begun my website I have plans for instructions about all types of alterations, in addition to photo and video instructions and reference cards.

I'd love for you to learn to alter your family's clothing, or even to start a WAHM business, as I have. After all, there's no sense going through all that ripping and resewing alone! Knowing how to do alterations gives you more flexibility when shopping for clothes. It is also a great job for a stay at home mom who needs an adjustable schedule.

Please use the Contact Me page if you have requests or suggestions. I'd love to know your story too!

Maripat Voellmecke